Being Gluten Free

Welcome to Our Frugal Happy Life! If you're looking for some basic gluten free help (especially if you're newly diagnosed!), please keep reading.

Eating gluten free can be a challenge. But it doesn't have to limit you! It's possible to eat delicious gluten-free food. And it's possible to do so on a budget!

I encourage you to watch the grocery sales carefully for gluten free products. Think outside the box when you're planning meals, too. I do not buy many products that are actually labeled "gluten free." Instead, I start with basic food items (like meat, potatoes, rice, vegetables, fruits, etc.) and create a meal from there.

Here's a few of the products that I do buy which are specifically "gluten free:"
Here's a few of the "gluten free" products that I don't buy:
  • Soups
  • Dinner "kits"
  • Pre-made [frozen] dessert items.
  • Microwave meals.
  • Packaged cookies and crackers.
I do find that we eat healthier this way. Pre-packaged foods are usually not as healthy as making it "homemade." But I am certainly not saying that convenience-type foods are evil and should be avoided like the plague! There is a time and a place for packaged food items...and you'll certainly find them in my pantry!

I post quick, easy gluten free recipes on here. In our house, my husband and I eat the same meal. I am not a short-order cook. If he wants bread, then he just adds that to his meal. If we're having noodles, then we do make separate noodles (he has something against the 'texture' of GF noodles!). A meal for us usually consists of meat, potatoes (or rice) and a vegetable. I plan our meals one month in advance so we get lots of variety!

You can also learn more about menu planning: why menu planning is beneficial and how to make menu planning work for you! I also hope that my gluten free story will be an encouragement to you.

Please email me with any questions you have about celiac disease, eating gluten free, menu planning or anything in between! I am by no means an expert, but I'll help however I can - and I'll do my best to find more resources for you. You can reach me at: frugalhappylife {at} gmail {dot} com.