Thursday, December 1, 2011

Facebook: Give FREE Udi's products to three friends! {$15 value}

This isn't working for everyone right now, but I can confirm that it did work just fine for me at 3:15 CST this afternoon. I did have to refresh the page and utilize some patience...but it worked!

You can "like" Udi's on Facebook and send gift bundles (worth $15 each!) to three different friends thrugh their Joy Mission. You can choose from three different packages.

The catch is that they will actually send 10,000 bundles in all. BUT - just sending one to a friend on Facebook does not guarantee that they will get it! Your friend must click through the link on their Facebook wall to fill out the form and accept the gift. Then, the package will be mailed to them.

I don't think you have much to lose - I would give it a shot for sure! I love Udi's products!!


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