Thursday, December 15, 2011

iPhone USB Sync and Charging Cable for $0.66!

This would be a sweet addition to someone's Christmas gift!

On Amazon, you can get an iPhone USB Sync and Charging Cable for just $0.66, plus free shipping!

Right now, it shows that it is in stock, but I wouldn't wait to order if you are interested!

 Thanks, Money Saving Mom!

If you're looking for that cord that actually plugs into the wall, they have one of those for $2.42 with free shipping!

*I still live in the stone ages...i.e., with a flip I am not too current with all these fancy phones. In fact, last weekend, my (younger) brother was making fun of my "ancient" cell phone. "You still have a phone like THAT?! Wow!"

The $9.99 Pillow Pets are still available, too!


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