Thursday, December 15, 2011

Saveology: $10 Coldstone GC for $5, $25 Build A Bear GC for $17.50!

There's two new gift card offers available from Saveology today:

You can get a $10 Coldstone Creamery gift card for only $5! You will receive a voucher after purchasing this deal, which can be redeemed for the actual gift card (which never expires!). Anyone can purchase this offer.

You can also get a $25 Build A Bear Workshop gift card for only $17.50! You will also get a voucher with this one, which you can redeem for a physical gift card (which never expires!). Again, anyone can purchase this deal.

*Both of these deals are great discounts and they may sell out very quickly, so I would not wait to order if you are interested!


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