Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shopping at Aldi on Tuesday

While I was in Tomah on Tuesday, I did some stocking up at Aldi:

2 Apple juice concentrate, $0.92 each
2 Blackberries, $1.39 each (my husband says these are awesome!)
Artisan lettuce, $1.99
Broccoli crowns, $1.59
2 Flour tortillas, $0.99 each
Whipping cream, $1.89
Baking cups (75 ct.), $0.99
Condensed milk, $1.19
2 canned mushrooms, $0.59 each
2 chocolate chips, $1.69 each
3 tortilla chips, $1.19 each
Gala apples (3 lbs.), $1.99
Spent $26.20.

*I noticed after I got home that the cashier charged me twice for the broccoli, even though I only bought one.


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