Thursday, December 15, 2011

Shopping at Walmart

I did a bunch of shopping on Tuesday as we were hosting a dinner this week and will be hosting two meals next week.

In one hour, I was able to hit Walmart, Aldi and Burnstad's in Tomah. My husband was impressed. Of course, I also spent an hour driving just to do those errands. :)

Here's what I got at Walmart:

Old Orchard juice concentrate, $1.36 (for punch)
6 Yoplait cups, $0.59 each (used $0.40/6 printable coupon)
2 Hillshire Farm lunch meat, $2.98
Heath toffee bits, $1.88
Great Value frozen strawberries, $2.33 (for punch)
Soda 2 liter, $0.84 (for punch)
Oscar Mayer beef hot dogs, $3.78 (When did these get so expensive?!)
Holiday printer paper, $2.47
Spent $22.44.


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