Saturday, January 21, 2012

Five tips for living in a small space

Much to my surprise this morning, I am featured in a guest post on Money Saving Mom today! I am writing about living in a small space. Here's a snippet of the post:

This summer, we (suddenly) downsized from a four-bedroom, one-bathroom house to a two-bedroom, two-bathroom condo. We simplified everything, reexamined what we really need on a regular basis, and reorganized our home to fit us better.
However, living in a small space can be challenging at times. As I am learning to focus more on being intentional in my homemaking endeavors, I have five tips for those of you who live in smaller homes.

Head on over to Money Saving Mom to read the rest of my tips for living in a small space!

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  1. Hi Emily, I saw your post about living in a small space on moneysavingmom and really liked all of your tips. I'm keeping the storgae above the kitchen cabinets in mind when my husband and I remodel our kitchen. We live in a small home (approx 900 sq ft) in Milwaukee, WI. Just wanted to say hello. ~Nichole D.

  2. Hi Nichole!

    Thanks for stopping by - and I'm glad to have a reader from Wisconsin, too!

    Yes, the storage above the kitchen cabinets is SO helpful! I hope your remodel goes well. :)


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