Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Aldi 3/21: Strawberries $1.19, Butter $2/lb.,Yogurt cups $0.39, plus more!

Here's a quick glance at some of Aldi's best deals this week. Check the weekly ad and Special Buys ad for other deals.

Wednesday Meat Special Buy: Valid today 3/21 ONLY! Aldi offers a "Meat Special Buy" on Wednesdays now, every week. There is limited stock, so shop early for the best selection!

Fresh split chicken breasts, $0.89/lb.

Produce Picks
Strawberries, $1.19 per 1 lb. pkg.
Canteloupe, $0.99 each
Green grapes, $1.58 per 2 lb. clamshell
Navel oranges, $1.29 per 4 lb. bag
Pineapple, $1.29 each
Anjou pears, $1.19 per 2 lb. bag

Weekly Ad
Spring confetti cake mix, $0.99
6-in-1 sprinkle jar (spring colors), $2.99
Spring frosting, $1.29
Appleton Farms hams, $1.19-$1.69/lb.

Special Buys
L'oven Fresh brown 'n serve rolls, $0.99
Kings Hawaiian rolls, $1.99
Stevia sweetener (40 packets), $1.99
Carlini olive oil cooking spray, $1.49
Fit 'n Active yogurt cups, $0.39
Fit 'n Active unsweetened applesauce (46 oz.), $1.69
Whole grain penne or rotini, $0.99

New Low Prices
Countryside Creamery butter, $1.99 (salted OR unsalted!)
Cream cheese, $0.99
Sour cream (16 oz.), $0.99
Nature's Nectar 100% juice (64 oz.), $1.99
Mild or medium salsa (24 oz.), $1.49
Freshine glass cleaner, $0.89
Tortilla chips, $0.99
Lullabies wipes (72 ct.), $0.99
Lullabies diapers (27-36 ct.), $4.99

Things to remember when shopping at Aldi:
  • Bring a quarter for your shopping cart.
  • Bring your own bags.
  • Aldi only accepts cash or debit, not credit.
  • You will occasionally find markdown items at Aldi. I always check the fresh meat and produce sections. Sometimes previous "Special Buy" items will be marked down as well. All markdowns will vary by store. 
  • Aldi offers a Double Guarantee on all of their products: "If for any reason you are not 100% satisfied with any product, we will gladly replace the product AND refund your money."
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  1. Thanks for such a good Aldi recap, but I work at corporate Aldi and do have one correction - the Special Buys are not mark downs. About 20 items are featured every week for a two week time period as Special Buys. Sometimes they repeat a few times a year, sometimes only are sold once a year. If they don't sell w/in a week or so after their two week period, they may be marked down, but many times those items are sold out before the two weeks.

    Anyway, thought I'd share. Thanks again for featuring gluten free items and couponing - two of my favorite (and well, necessary) things!

    1. Michelle - Thanks for the information! I am going to change my description a little bit.


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