Monday, June 4, 2012

Summer Cleaning...the easy way! - Introduction

Inspired by Crystal at Money Saving, during June and July, I will be "deep cleaning" our home. I've created a "schedule" of sorts for myself so I can accomplish a large variety of tasks that need to be done at my house.

These tasks are not ones that I like. Left to my own devices, I would never do them, to be quite honest! However, I've been inspired to overcome that and get down to business!

Because I loved Crystal's idea of completing just one or two tasks per day, I've based my cleaning plan on that model. Because of our schedule, I have planned one or two tasks each day, Monday through Thursday each week.

My plan is to post an update on my progress each evening. This will be a great way to keep myself accountable! I will also let you know what my task will be for the next day, in case you care to clean with me.

On Tuesday, we'll will start with these projects:
  • Clean out your purse. I hope this is an easy one!
  • Wash any throw blankets you have.
  • Clean out the refrigerator. Throw away expired food (not that you'll have any of that, right?!), disinfect the shelves and drawers, and reorganize the contents of your refrigerator.


  1. You and Crystal have inspired me... I am going to tackle my fridge, and ditch all the furry mysteries growing inside, lol. Thanks!

    1. My fridge is on the docket for this afternoon! Hope yours isn't too bad ;)


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