Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Baby freebies: sling, nursing cover & carseat canopy {just pay shipping!}

First, you can get a free baby carrier from Seven Slings right now! All you need to pay is the cost of shipping, which is only $11.95.

Use promo code BABYSAVINGS at checkout to get your free sling.

These slings are meant for the infant through toddler years and they have lots of cute patterns available. Do note that these are not adjustable slings.

You can also get an "Uddercover" nursing cover for only the cost of shipping, $11.95! The cover is a $35 value! Use promo code BABYSAVINGS at checkout for the discount.

This deal is usually quite popular when it comes around and I've heard these make great gifts for expecting moms.

And finally, you can get a free carseat canopy and only pay the shipping! The canopy is a $50 value and the shipping is around $13, so I think this is a great deal.

These are made for year-round use, so they are not too heavy or too lightweight. They will fit all makes and models of infant seats. And even better, they are machine washable!

They have lots of colors and patterns available, so you can choose whatever one you like. Just use promo code ENBABY at checkout to make the canopy free.

Now, we are expecting a baby in February (in Wisconsin) but we opted not to register for a carseat cover since we won't need it for long. But this canopy is a bit of a different concept and I do like that it is lighter in weight - it could also be beneficial in rain! Bottom line, though, I don't plan on carrying that infant bucket seat around for long - those things are heavy!!

*You can use this code more than once! Just open a new browser window to place a second order.


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