Thursday, January 24, 2013

B1G1 free Skintimate shave gel, B1G1 free Edge shave gel...

BOGO (up to $3.00) Skintimate Shave Gel or Cream

Here are two great coupons for shaving cream:

Buy (1) Get (1) Free Skintimate shave gel or cream

Buy (1) Get (1) Free Edge shave gel

*I would definitely print these and hang onto them for a sale at one of the drugstores (or Target, if you live near one!).

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According to Totally

Edge shave gel is currently on sale for $2.29 per can (price cut through 1/26), so about $1.15 per can after the BOGO coupon!

Skintimate shave gel is not on sale right now, but regular price should be around $2.50 (ish), so about $1.25 per can after the BOGO coupon.


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