Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Shopping Trip {Bent & Dent store} $6.50

This morning, I stopped into the Bent & Dent store (in Mauston) and scored several fantastic deals.

(2) Horizon Organic 2% milk (half gal. each), $2.50 for both
(4) Yoplait Light cups, $0.35 each
(1) Betty Crocker frosting, $0.99
(1) Apple pie filling (21 oz.), $1.59
I spent $6.50 for all of those items!

I was most excited about the milk...I debated whether or not to get it because we don't drink a lot of milk, but the sell-by date is Feb. 9, so we have plenty of time. It will be great for baking and I am even considering trying to make homemade yogurt with it!

The Yoplait cups are also a great deal - at least $0.15 cheaper than I can get regularly with a coupon - and my husband eats a yogurt everyday.


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