Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Burnstad's 2/19-2/25: Kemps 1/2 gallon $1, Village Hearth wheat bread $1.78, Powerade $0.50, + more!

Burnstad's ad is valid through next Monday. Burnstad's sale cycle runs from Tuesday through Monday.

Burnstad's has four locations in central Wisconsin: Tomah, Black River Falls, Richland Center and Spencer. All four locations have the same ad each week. Burnstad's will give you $0.05 off for each reuseable bag that you bring in.

Keep Burnstad's coupon policy in mind as you shop.

Surprise Internet Coupon: Snapple iced tea or fruit drinks (64 oz.), $0.99 (limit 1 with additional $5 purchase)

Fresh produce
Dole Classic salad mix, $1

Jumbo Texas red grapfruit (4 lb. bag), $1.98 (limit 1)

Russet potatoes (10 lb. bag), $1.99

Boneless/skinless chicken breasts (frozen), $1.99/lb.

Farmland bacon (12-16 oz.), $3.99

Kemps Select milk (1/2 gallon), $1 (limit 1)

Kemps ice cream (132 oz. family size pail), $5.99

Powerade (32 oz.), $0.50 (limit 4)

Essential Everyday pasta (12-16 oz.), $1

Shopper's Value ketchup (24 oz.), $1

Shopper's Value mac 'n cheese, $0.50 (limit 20)

Village Hearth 100% wheat bread, $1.78 (limit 2)


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