Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Festival One Day Meat Sale: Ground beef $2.49/lb., Bacon $2/lb., NY strip steak $6/lb., + more!

Today is the One Day Meat Sale at Festival Foods in Mauston, WI. The sale will run only from 7 AM to 7 PM. Here are some of the deals you will find:

80/20 ground beef (3 lb. family pk.), $2.49/lb.

No-roll ribeye roast (boneless), $3.99/lb.

Green Peak boneless/skinless chicken breasts (3 lbs. frozen), $4.99

NY strip steak, $5.99/lb.

Beef tenderloins, $5.99/lb.

Country-style pork ribs, $1.29/lb.

Sirloin pork roasts, $1.69/lb.

Gusto bacon (5 lbs.), $13.99 ($2.80 per pound!)

Gerber whole chickens, $1.39/lb.

Gerber chicken drumsticks or thighs, $1.29/lb.

Boneless/skinless chicken breasts (frozen), $1.99/lb.

Farmland bacon (10 lb. box), $19.99 ($1.99 per pound!)

Jennie-O frozen turkeys (10-12 lb. avg.), $0.79/lb.

*Be sure to check all the weekly deals at Festival before you shop (the current sale ad ends today). And don't forget about all the fantastic Kraft deals and Chex cereal for $0.50/box, too!


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