Monday, April 29, 2013

Sign up to be a Purex Insider! {Test & keep products for free!}

If you are a blogger, Purex Insiders is currently accepting applications for new members!

I have been a part of this program for several years now and I love it! I have tested so many different products, including laundry detergent (lots of it!), household cleaners, ant bait, air fresheners, and more.

After you sign up, Purex Insiders will offer you new products to test. Once you sign up for a product test, they will mail the product to you. After testing the product, you need to write a review of the product on your blog within a certain time frame. Quite often, Purex Insiders will also include a few coupons for free products that you can give away to your readers!

If you would like to get an idea of the products available through Purex Insiders, check out my most recent review and giveaway (which is now closed).

If you are a blogger, I highly recommend signing up for Purex Insiders - it's a fantastic program!


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