Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Save $30 of beauty supplies for as low as $12 shipped!

Save is offering a voucher to "Beauty of a Site" today - it's a $30 voucher that you can get for as little as $5!

The $30 voucher is $15 from Save More. If you sign up as a new member (or if you already have a credit in your account), you'll get a $10 credit, which will make this voucher only $5!

Shipping is not included with this voucher, but it's a flat rate of $6.95 on Beauty of a Site's website. In the end, you could get $30 of merchandise for about $12 shipped - which is more than a 50% discount!

If you're looking for any beauty products for Christmas gifts, Beauty of a Site carries a lot of nice products - like Alba, Weleda, Tigi cosmetics, BedHead, DermOrganic hair care, Bag Balm lotion, and lots more.

You can also still get two free expandable vases (with free shipping) with your $10 credit.

Or you can get a free Negative Ion Power Band for free, with free shipping, with your credit!


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