Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Shopping trips: Target and Burnstad's

I wrapped up my shopping for November on Tuesday while I was in Onalaska. I felt silly walking out of Target paying absolutely nothing - but I'll take it!

I bought two ladies' sleep shirts. They were each marked down to $2.98 on the clearance rack. I used two $3 off printable coupons and paid nothing out of pocket!

I figured I would still pay tax, but the register didn't charge me any tax. Even the cashier said, "Well, that's weird. Oh well!" I was hoping to find some other great deals on clothes with my other coupons, but the stars didn't align for that...

I swung into Burnstad's very quickly to check their new ad and found two great deals:

Ground chuck, $7.21 ($2.29/lb.)
Navel oranges (4 lb. bag), $2.28
Spent $9.49.

I also shopped at Walmart and Aldi - I'll post about those two stops a bit later today!


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