Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Shopping on Tuesday: $24

After our trip last weekend, we needed a few groceries. I really didn't want to drive to Tomah for a big shopping excursion, so I picked up some essentials at Festival in Mauston. I think I'll do a bigger stock-up trip this weekend instead.

Pork spare ribs, $3.48 ($1.89/lb., markdown)
Ground chuck, $7.77 ($2.69/lb., markdown)
Kraft Fresh Take, free with Kraft First Taste coupon
Crystal Farms shredded cheese (8 oz.), $2
Flavorite eggs (dozen large), $0.99 with ad coupon
Oven roasted chicken breast (lunch meat), $3.05 ($5.99/lb.)
3 Yoplait Light yogurt cups, $0.73 each (eek!)
Chocolate chips, $2.47
Wheat bread, $1.69 (markdown)
Spent $23.58.

*The breadcrumbs in the Kraft Fresh Take kit are obviously not gluten free! However, the cheese and breadcrumbs are packaged individually in the kit, so I'm still going to use the cheese - since the kit was free.


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