Saturday, May 26, 2012

Super Savings Saturday 5/26

I found a number of great deals at the Bent and Dent store on Tuesday, plus a few deals at Walgreens and Festival. Read all the details in this post.
Spent $35.98.

On Wednesday night, I went to Tomah for a few errands.

At Dollar General and Walmart, I hit up the clearance sales! Plus I picked up some bacon at Burnstad's. Read the details in this post.
Spent $9.96.

I also stocked up on a few essentials at Aldi. Read the details in this post.
Spent $36.02.

And we spent $9.16 at Walmart (yogurt + juice) last weekend and $2.50 on cards this week (graduation).

Total spending this week: $93.62.
Total spending in May: $277.49.

Our spending is out of control this month! Perhaps it's time to try the cash system for groceries?


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