Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Summer Cleaning Days 1 & 2

Today, I started my "Summer Cleaning...the easy way!" project for June and July. My first task was to wash all of our throw blankets. We have quite a few blankets because 1) We receive them as gifts and 2) We keep our house colder in the winter in an effort to save money, so we use blankets frequently. I piled all of them in the middle of the living room floor and then Simon guarded them for me. {Really, he just loves to lay on any blanket he can find!}

By the end of the day, all of the blankets were washed and hung up to dry.

The contents of our refrigerator
The next task was to empty out, disinfect and reorganize the refrigerator. Thankfully, I chose the perfect time (unintentionally, of course!) to do this because our refrigerator is rather bare. Truthfully, our fridge isn't usually much more full than this.

Clean and organized!

I am embarassed to admit that this refrigerator was more dirty than I anticipated! We moved in here last July and apparently the previous tenants hadn't cleaned it as well as I thought. It's nice to have it clean and organized now!

Here's what my purse contained...

My third task for today was to clean out my purse. There weren't too many stowaway items in my purse - just some earrings and a few hair bands. Apparently, my wallet dumped over at some point, too, putting change in the bottom of my purse.

When it was all said and done, my purse was looking quite a bit neater. Now the challenge is keeping it that way!

Here's tomorrow's task:

Clean out your freezer. Remove all the contents. Throw away any food that should be pitched (freezer burned, won't ever use, etc.). Disinfect the inside of the freezer. Reorganize all of the contents.

Check back tomorrow evening for an update on my freezer-cleaning adventure! It's sure to be a fun one...


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