Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Burnstad's 12/26/12-1/1/13: Potatoes $0.20/lb., Int'l Delight Creamer $1.11, Butter $1.66/lb., + more!

Burnstad's ad is valid through next Monday. Burnstad's sale cycle runs from Tuesday through Monday.

Burnstad's has four locations in central Wisconsin: Tomah, Black River Falls, Richland Center and Spencer (the newest location). All four locations have the same ad each week. Burnstad's will give you $0.05 off for each reuseable bag that you bring in.

Keep Burnstad's coupon policy in mind as you shop.

Surprise Internet Coupon: Hoffmann House seafood sauce (8 oz.), $0.99 (limit 1 with additional $5 purchase)

Fresh produce
Fresh blackberries (5.6-6 oz.), $1.50

Jumbo Texas red grapefruit (5 lbs.), $1.98 (limit 1)

Russet or red potatoes (10 lb. bag), $1.99

85/15 ground chuck, $2.99/lb.

Boneless pork loin roast, $2.49/lb.

Old Wisconsin sausage, brats, polish, or natural casing weiners, $5.99

International Delight coffee creamer (16 oz.), $1.66
--$0.55 off Int'l Delight printable (scroll down and look to the right for a link)
$1.11 after coupon!

Burnstad's butter, 3/$4.98 (limit 3)

Nothing this week.

7Up, A&W, Sundrop and RC Cola (2 liter), $1


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