Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Books I Read in January 2013

During the month of January, I read four books - so I am right on track with my planned reading for 2013! Here's a glimpse at what I read:

I thoroughly enjoyed this book! It focuses on why young people (approximately ages 18-29) are leaving the church today - and not returning. Kinnaman has done a lot of research to back up his theories. I highly recommend this book for anyone in ministry to young people.

The ladies of our pastor's wives' group read this book before meeting in January and then discussed the book when we got together. I thought this was a great book and it sparked great discussion among us. It's a fantastic book for any pastor's wife!

I really enjoyed this fiction book by Goyer and Fleiss. As with most fiction books, I got sucked in rather quickly and zipped through this book in a hurry! Look my full review on Saturday, February 2.

I found this to be a very informative book about having a baby in the hospital - without interventions. Even though I've already read numerous books about birth and babies, I still learned a number of new facts as I read this book.


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