Friday, February 1, 2013

My Goals for February

We are expecting our baby girl sometime in February, so my goals are very simple this month!

I thought about not making any goals at all, but it's possible that she won't arrive until later in the month, so I still want to have a few goals on which to focus while we wait for her. Besides, I am so antsy that I need to keep busy! :)

Read - See my list of planned reading for 2013 for more inspiration!
  1. Fear, Faith and a Fistful of Chocolate (for review)
  2. On Becoming Baby Wise
  3. The Everything Breastfeeding Book

Home Management
  1. Do our taxes. (This depends on when we have all the necessary documents and when the baby comes!)

  1. Have a baby! (That's a big enough goal, right?!)
  2. Continue working on my crocheting.

  1. Review "Fear, Faith and a Fistful of Chocolate."
  2. Post a reading update at the end of the month
  3. Post a goals update at the end of the month.


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