Friday, March 29, 2013

Books I Read in February & March 2013

I didn't post a reading update at the end of February (Hannah took precedence then!), so here's an update for both February and March. Check out this post to see what books I plan to read in 2013.

I highly recommend this book to all parents of new babies! I read this before Hannah was born and we are utilizing the Baby Wise principles with her - with great success! At 5.5 weeks, she is a great sleeper and eater, and her days are very consistent because of Baby Wise.

This book is a fairly easy read and was extremely helpful to me.

I wrote a full review of this book in this post. Overall, I did not enjoy this book, although it had some practical advice in it.

This was a very quick, easy read. It was extremely encouraging for me - I read it in the first few weeks of Hannah's life! Rachel has a great message in this book - motherhood isn't easy, but it's so rewarding and so worth it.

I am currently about halfway done with "Lead Your Family Like Jesus" and will review it in April.

After three months, I have read seven books in 2013. My goal is to read at 41 books this year and I'm off to a great start!


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