Sunday, March 18, 2012

Reading: Please Stop Laughing at Me by Jodee Blanco

In January, I set out to read 36 books in 2012. While this book was not on my original list, I am so glad that I added it for the month of March.

If you have children, work with children, or even just know any children, you will want to read "Please Stop Laughing at Me" by Jodee Blanco. Jodee's story is a very powerful story. She was severely bullied through most of her school years, but has chosen to overcome and forgive.

The torture, teasing and taunting she endured in school were horrible. As I read, I found myself thinking, "There's no way kids could be so cruel." BUT - the reality today is that kids really are that cruel. Every day in our schools and neighborhoods, kids are bullying and being bullied.

Jodee Blanco actually spoke at our local public school (at which I substitute teach) recently and the schools around us are working more diligently to prevent bullying.

I highly recommending reading this book - both in order to understand bullying more thoroughly and to learn how Jodee overcame the bullying she endured.


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