Tuesday, April 9, 2013

My 8 Weekly Goals

I didn't post my goals last week because time just got away from me, but I did create my weekly goals and wrote them in my planner. So here's what I accomplished:
  • I finished reading "Lead Your Family Like Jesus" - and posted a review today.
  • I put together my April goals and posted those here on my blog.
  • I finished all my thank you notes on Saturday...and then got three more baby gifts on Sunday morning! :)
  • And we did a larger shopping trip to La Crosse, including a stop at Sam's Club (we purchased a membership with the recent Living Social deal). We were very impressed with Sam's!
This week, we're gone for a few days, but then I have a few "normal" days at home, so here are my goals for the week:

Family Goals
  • Love my husband and Hannah - and enjoy our two days away.

Personal Goals

Home Management Goals
  • Sweep and vacuum floors.
  • Reorganize my clothes: put away maternity/winter clothes and get out summer clothes.

Blog Goals
  • Write Purex Insiders review and giveaway post (schedule for next week).


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