Friday, May 3, 2013

Books I Read in March 2013

During March, I read three books. I haven't been reading as much since Hannah was born in February, but I am doing my best! I love reading and really just need to make it a higher priority (that, and crocheting!).

I finished reading "Lead Your Family Like Jesus" during April. I really enjoyed this book; you can read my full review in this post.

I also read "No Cry Sleep Solution" this month. While I didn't agree with everything in this book, I learned a few important tips from the authors. It is extremely important to me that Hannah learns good, solid sleep habits now as a baby, so I appreciate everything I can learn about the topic!

And finally, I read "It Happened at the Fair" last week while we were gone. This was a fantastic historical novel and I read it very quickly! Look for a full review in a couple weeks here on the blog.

Right now, I am reading two books: "Pastor's Wives" and "Bottled Up."

After four months, I have read ten books in 2013. My goal is to read at least 41 books this year.


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