Saturday, December 17, 2011

Super Savings Saturday 12/17

I did most of our holiday grocery shopping this week. We hosted a church dinner (for 11 people) on Thursday night...and we'll be hosting several (smaller) dinners next weekend, too. I wasn't able to budget any extra money this month for groceries, so everything comes out of our grocery/household budget.

At Walmart, I bought a few items, pictured above. Read the details in this post.
Spent $22.44.

I stocked up quite a bit at Aldi, like usual! Read the details in this post.
Spent $26.20.

And finally, I stopped by Burnstad's during my shopping extravaganza on Tuesday. You can read the details in this post.
Spent $18.54.

I also stopped at Dollar General this week, plus we grabbed a few items at the Aldi in Onalaska on Friday:

Dollar General
2 Duck bubble mailers (2 ct. each), both FREE (used two $1 off printables)
Dishwashing gloves, $1.50
Reynolds heavy duty foil, $1.75 (used $1.25/1 printable)
Spent $3.61.

Aldi - 2nd trip
Vine tomatoes, $1.99
Russet potatoes (10 lbs.), $2.69
Bananas, $1.16 ($0.39/lb.)
Brown sugar (2 lbs), $1.49
Spent $7.33.

Total spending this week: $78.12.
Total spending for December: $96.24 (out of $261 allocated).

*I had a little more money in this area of the budget, but I had to lower it by a bit when we received our natural gas bill.


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