Sunday, January 8, 2012

Menu Plan 1/8: Cheeseburger Rice, Garlic Cheddar Chicken, and more!

Last week was just a totally crazy week for us. We spent Thursday and Friday at the nursing home with my husband's grandmother, and she passed away on Friday afternoon. We were seriously "drama magnets" last week, but I'll spare you the rest of the details!

Because of everything that has happened, my in laws have been staying with us (and will be here a few more days), so I've adjusted the menu plan to feed four people instead of the usual two. Because I make a monthly menu plan, all I had do was shift a few meals around and we were set!

Oh, and I made these Gluten Free Banana Muffins (plus I added chocolate chips, of course!) on Saturday and boy, are they delicious! In fact, I'll be lucky if I even get to eat half of them since my non-GF husband and in laws keep eating them! My husband again declared that they are better than regular muffins (just like Chebe bread!).

We also had White Chicken Enchiladas on Saturday and we all thought they were very delicious. The only change I made was to use salsa instead of green chiles. When I make them again, I would add a batch of homemade taco seasoning with the chicken for a bit more "kick."

Sunday: Cheeseburger Pie, vegetables.

Monday: Chicken and Rice with homemade cheese sauce, salad with Artisan lettuce.

Tuesday: Cheeseburger Rice, vegetables.

Wednesday: Garlic Cheddar Chicken, roasted potatoes, and vegetables.

Thursday - Saturday: We will be down to see my family and celebrate Christmas (plus a wedding shower) with them.

For breakfast, we each grab what we want: waffles, muffins, cinnamon rolls, pancakes, cold cereal, yogurt, etc.

For lunch, I usually eat leftovers or something simple, like grilled cheese or quesadillas. My husband eats a sandwich or leftovers - he takes his lunch to work most days.

Are you interested in menu planning? Read my two part series about why menu planning is so beneficial and how to get started. I promise it will help you live more intentionally!

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  1. The Garlic Cheddar Chicken link goes to the enchiladas. I lauged when I saw your meal plan it looks just like mine. I seriously make the exact recipes you do. Must be the gluten free thing! Thanks.

  2. @Racheal Thanks for letting me know about the bad link - I switched it. That's just another sign of how crazy my week has been...

    We won't eat half the meals anyways...but hey, it's the thought (the plan...) that counts, right?! :)


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