Friday, March 2, 2012

Reading Update: Kisses from Katie

I finally got a copy of "Kisses from Katie" from our local library and boy, did I zoom through the book! This was one of those books that I had trouble putting down at night. :) It was a great book - one that truly makes you think.

While I can't even begin to imagine living the life that Katie lives in Uganda right now (younger than me and 13 adopted girls?!), I'm amazed at what God has accomplished through her in Uganda over the past few years - simply because she gives so much of herself. Her intense love for the Lord certainly shines through her writing.

Reading "Kisses from Katie" challenged me in so many ways. It is so important that we live our faith - even in our daily lives. Being complacent in my faith is not beneficial. And me taking my wonderful, comfortable life for granted is definitely not what God wants.

I highly recommend reading this book - prepare to be both inspired and challenged!

In February, I read three books:
I intend to read four books in March!


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