Monday, April 2, 2012

April Monthly Goals: Reading, organizing clothes and more...

This year, I began creating monthly goals for myself, based on my yearly goals. Then, I break those monthly goals down into weekly goals - and I chip away at those goals each day. Following this process has made a huge difference in what I am able to accomplish. In fact, I am accomplishing more than I thought possible!

April will be a busy month (just like all the other months!) and here's what I will be focusing on:

Artisan Bread

Personal Goals
Enter Today and Save the Date-4/5!

Blog Goals
  • Write a four-week "Top 10 Series" about the top 10 products that I buy in each of four separate categories. Look for the first installment on Tuesday of this week!
  • Post two recipes:
    1. Gluten Free "Hamburger Helper" Pasta.
    2. Gluten Free Pizza Pie.
  • Post an update about my DIY project.
  • Post reading updates throughout the month as I finish each book.


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