Thursday, June 7, 2012

Summer Cleaning Day 4

I ran on the treadmill first thing this morning and after I finished, I figured I'd do my summer cleaning while I was hot and sweaty! It got toasty here in Central WI today!

Today's Summer Cleaning project was vacuuming underneath the beds. This task was not too difficult for me. I pulled out our guest bed (which is a daybed with a trundle - hand-me-downs...), used the Shop-Vac (including the crevice tool!), and even wiped down the baseboards while I was climbing around back there!

When I was finished, I put the room back together nicely. We usually keep the trundle tucked away underneath the daybed as that really opens up the room.

After that, I moved onto our bedroom. Thankfully, our bed is on wheels, which means I can move it easily! Same drill here: vacuum, wipe down baseboards, and...

Put the room back together! Neither room was very dirty, but it was so nice to know this task is done.

No Summer Cleaning on Monday and Tuesday next week because I will be out of town. So here's Wednesday's task:

Move bed(s) couches and easy chairs; vacuum underneath them. Vacuum beneath the cushions, too. Be sure to throw away any garbage or dust bunnies you find.

If you need to catch up:
  • Days 1 & 2 - cleaning out your purse, washing throw blankets and cleaning the refrigerator.
  • Day 3 - clean the freezer.


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