Saturday, December 3, 2011

Super Savings Saturday 12/3


I finished up the shopping for November this week, so I have lots to report!

At Walmart, I bought quite a few items and used a lot of coupons. Thankfully, I didn't have any problems with any of my coupons. Whew!
Spent $18.72.

Of course, I also had to go to Aldi (actually, to two Aldi stores) to get more produce so we can keep up with our five servings of fruits and veggies every day.
Spent $19.98.

At Burnstad's, I just picked up two items that were on a great sale.
Spent $9.49.

I didn't spend anything at Target - but it's still worth noting that I got two sleepwear shirts for absolutely nothing!
Spent $0.

I also picked up Welch's sparkling juice for $1 per bottle last weekend at Walgreens, and I grabbed a few needed items at Walmart while we were gone.
Spent $11.67.

In addition, I placed an order on Vitacost using my free $10 credit. I am anxiously awaiting the arrival of my Better Batter and gluten-free pretzels!
Spent $15.86.

And finally, I picked up a few items while I was in Mauston on Thursday (dropping off my Amazon Trade-In books!):

At Festival:
Cheese block (8 oz.), $1.50
Organic penne noodles (12 oz.), $0.93 (markdown bin)
Canned peaches, $0.73 (markdown bin)
Spent $3.11.

At Dollar General:
Pack of 3 shirt boxes, $2
Spent $2.11.

*I felt so dumb actually having to buy shirt boxes, but I can't find any at our house! Apparently, I either threw them out when we moved or they're buried so deeply that I'll never find them...until the next time we move!

Total spending this week: $80.94.
Total spending for November: $303.31 (out of $304 allocated!)


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