Monday, May 14, 2012

Organizing: office carts {and guess what I found?!}

Last week, one of my goals was to organize the two rolling carts that we have in our office/second bedroom. I wasn't necessarily looking forward to this task, but I pushed forward on Tuesday and knocked it out. It took less than an hour and it sure was nice to have it done!

So my husband and I each had a rolling cart from our college days, plus he also had that smaller black organizer. I recently cleaned out our extra desk because we are hoping to sell it, so now I needed a better system of organization for the office supplies that we have.

Both carts were also disgustingly dirty, so they got a full scrubbing while I was at it. I am ashamed to admit that I have had my cart since 2005 and I don't recall ever taking it apart to clean it!

Anybody know what this is?!

Oh! It's a cassette tape! Ha! I had to laugh when I found this. I think the only place we could even listen to this anymore would be in my 12+ year old car. :)

(Seriously, though, I am not that young...we did have cassette tapes when I was a child!)

When it was all said and done, all of the office supplies fit in one cart (the one on the left). The other cart now contains old photos and other "memories." At some point, I hope to be able to clear out more of that cart, too. I am going to get rid of the small black organizer now. All of the other random items on the floor were either disposed of or put it a more appropriate location in our home.

Slowly but surely, our home is becoming more organized. I am learning how helpful that is when you live in a smaller home! So far this year, I have organized the junk drawer, the bathroom closet, the filing cabinet (a massive project!) and all of my clothes.


  1. An idea for the small black one, I have a small white one with three drawers. It has been a makeup storage but the best use I have made is nail clippers and toothbrushes. Toothpaste and brushes fit, along with floss items. Then all the tweezers and nail clippers of different sizes, along with and nail files and emery boards. I also throw in the tiny, travel sewing kits and a few safety pins for emergency clothing fixes. I keep the whole thing in the bathroom store closet.
    Just an idea for you since you are trying to organize everywhere.

    1. Beth G.,

      That's a great idea! I need to check around the house and make sure I don't need it somewhere else before I get rid of it. Thank you!!


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