Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Summer Cleaning Day 5

Today's Summer Cleaning project was to clean the couches and chair cushions, as well as vacuum underneath the couches and chair.

This wasn't too difficult for me, but it did take me awhile, especially moving the furniture!

First, I focused on the living room couch, which also has a pull-out sofa. The couch itself wasn't too dirty, but man, were there a lot of cobwebs behind the couch! I wiped down the baseboards, too, which I had the furniture pulled out.

Next, I pulled out the easy chair and the table and clean behind those. Our Shop Vac makes this Summer Cleaning stuff so much easier!

There! Everything is put back together, exactly where it belongs.

After that, I moved on to our sunroom. Our treadmill is in this room, so it's quite full. We don't actually use this couch, but this is where our dog, Simon, likes to sit because he can look out the window.

So I pulled out the end table, then the couch, and then the tables & chairs at the end (that's the only place we have to store these items!). This room wasn't overly dirty - but our big problem in the sunroom is ladybugs. I can't even tell you how many dead ladybugs I vacuumed up out there!

It was nice to have it all cleaned up and straightened up! I also wiped down the baseboards in the sunroom.

Summer Cleaning continues tomorrow with two new tasks:

Clean out and vacuum your car. Throw away trash, vacuum and clean the windows.

Clean your washing machine and dryer. Scrub it down, clean out the dryer lint.

If you need to catch up:
  • Days 1 & 2 - cleaning out your purse, washing throw blankets and cleaning the refrigerator.
  • Day 3 - clean the freezer.
  • Day 4 - vacuum underneath beds.


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