Thursday, May 31, 2012

A Goals Update: May goals + 2012 goals

As the month of May wraps up (where has the year gone?!), here's an update on how I've been doing with my goals. How are you doing when it comes to accomplishing your goals?

2012 Yearly Goals
  • Read 36 books in 2012 = three per month. Still doing really well with reading!
  • Completely reorganize our filing cabinet. I intend to spend at least one hour per week on this (during an average week).
  • Complete one Do-It-Yourself project per month. I didn't make hamburger buns this month as our freezer was simply too full!
  • Exercise regularly - at least three times per week. The workouts are tough, but I am surviving!
  • Create monthly goals (a new concept, but similar to my weekly goals) for my personal life.
  • Continue creating weekly goals. Weekly goals (and goal-setting in general) are making such a huge difference for me this year!
Blog - All of these goals are going well!
  • Post a Do-It-Yourself project update at the end of each month.
  • Post reading updates as I finish books.
  • Post two new recipes per month.
  • Create monthly goals for my blog.
Marriage and Family
May Goals

Personal Goals

Blog Goals
  • Post two recipes.
    1. Cheeseburger Meatloaf This is a super quick meal to throw together!
    2. Salsa Chicken  - Look for this recipe tomorrow!
  • Post reading updates throughout the month.
  • Post an update about my DIY project.
  • Continue with my Top 10 series. This month, we're looking at the items that I don't purchase.


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