Sunday, December 30, 2012

2012 Yearly Goals Update + some final thoughts

With the end of 2012 rapidly approaching, it's time to take a look at my goals for the past year to see what I accomplished!

When 2012 started, I created a list of goals I had for the entire year. After the summer, I updated my goals and created a list of goals for the remainder of the year.

Here is a look at how I did with my original list:

  • Read 36 books in 2012 = three per month. {I read 43 books in 2012!}
  • Completely reorganize our filing cabinet. I intend to spend at least one hour per week on this (during an average week).
  • Complete one Do-It-Yourself project per month. {I did well with this for the first half of the year, but morning sickness messed with my summer and these intentions fizzled out.}
  • Exercise regularly - at least three times per week. We just bought a Nordic Track treadmill, so I will be working on creating some workout routines that work best for me. {I did well with this until I got pregnant...and now I'm not able to stand or walk for long periods of time.}
  • Create monthly goals (a new concept, but similar to my weekly goals) for my personal life.
  • Continue creating weekly goals.
Marriage and Family
And here is a look at what I accomplished during the last four months of the year:
  1. Read 15 more books, for a total of 44 books in 2012 (stay tuned). {I came very close...I read 43 books throughout the year!}
  2. Complete four remaining Do-It-Yourself projects (stay tuned).
  3. Exercise 3-4 days per week (walk on treadmill, yoga stretching).
  4. Finish intensive cleaning (in September). {Thankfully, I did finish this!}
  5. Finish my crochet washcloth. {I finished my washcloth and have since nearly finished a baby blanket for our baby girl!}
  6. Organize our "childhood memories" in tote boxes. {Yes, this is done!}
  7. Put together tax spreadsheet and keep it updated. {This is nearly ready to print...we need to be ready early this year since the baby is due in February!}
  8. Create monthly and weekly goals.

Some thoughts about what I learned this year about myself and goal-setting:
  • Goal-setting as a whole has made a huge difference in my life! I enjoy having something to work toward and felt like I was able to accomplish so much more this year because I was being intentional with my time.
  • In some areas, I was overly-ambitious, but overall, I did well sticking with my goals. For example, I wasn't able to stick with the Do-It-Yourself projects, but I really enjoyed the projects that I did try. I would have never learned to crochet if I hadn't made that one of my goals - and now I've made a baby blanket!
  • My most favorite goal was my goal to read 36 books (later upped to 44 because I was doing so well!)! I even surprised myself at how many books I was able to read. I have always loved to read and it was so fun to create a list and follow that throughout the year. Because of how much I enjoyed it, I have already created a list for 2013 and am so excited to dive in!
  • I'll be creating more broad yearly goals for 2013. We are expecting a baby in February and I know that one event is going to change our lives dramatically! Look for my 2013 Yearly Goals tomorrow, December 31.


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